Beverley Patwell is a President, Founder, Senior Organizational Development Consultant and Executive Coach. She is dedicated to helping people learn, lead and achieve meaningful change and transformation. She works with individuals, teams and organizations to develop and implement solutions to meet their business needs, create alignment and build the capacity to lead and achieve meaningful results.

She has an MA in Applied Social Sciences, BA in Applied Social Sciences and Psychology and a Family Life Education Certificate all from Concordia University.

Beverley teaches Change Leadership Essentials at the University of Notre Dame and Concordia University and Designing Change at Queen’s University. She is an author and partner with CoachingOurselves and a facilitation partner with ExperiencePoint.

Beverley is co-author of the book Triple Impact Coaching: Use of Self in the Coaching Process and several articles on change, coaching and transformation. She has a new book that will be published in Feb 2020 called Leading Meaningful Change. Capturing the Hearts, Minds and Souls of the People You Lead, Work With, and Serve.
She is the recipient of the International Coaching Federation’s Prism Award for Executive Coaching.

Prior to working as a consultant, she was the Director of the Aerospace Enterprise Resource Planning Change Management Program, Manager of Global Organizational Development at Bombardier Aerospace. She also worked at the City of Ottawa in Social Services and as a Senior Associate with the Niagara Institute. She has also held volunteer board positions with La Passerelle, the BC Construction Association, Victoria BCHRMA and the Organizational Development Network.