Carl Briggs is a clinical professor of operations and decision technologies and co-director of the Business Operations Consulting Workshop. During his 30 years with the Department of Operations and Decision Technologies at the Kelley School of Business, he has been recognized for his innovative approach to management education, receiving teaching awards and accolades in the United States, Asia, and the European Union. He currently holds active academic appointments in the United States, Germany, China, and South Korea.

Carl directed Kelley’s Supply Chain Management Academy. His areas of expertise are project management, process improvement, and strategic sourcing—he has trained hundreds of business professionals in areas including project management, process improvement, Lean Six Sigma, value analysis/engineering, supply base rationalization, total cost of ownership, inventory management, and effective contract management.

Though Carl routinely travels around the world teaching, lecturing, and working with corporations in pursuit of supply chain excellence, he enjoys his Bloomington home, which he shares with his wife Annette and their children, Mariah, Ben, and Emily.