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Gain an understanding of the business, technical, ethical, and legal aspects of cybersecurity, as well as trends in cybersecurity risk management, with the Global Cybersecurity Foundations digital badge program from the Kelley School of Business.

Earn this badge to show mastery of cybersecurity best practices and basics. It can appear on your resume, LinkedIn profile, and other sites as verifiable evidence of the skills you gained through the top-ranked Kelley School of Business.

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A digital badge provides an opportunity to test-drive the prospect of earning a graduate certificate or master’s degree in cybersecurity. When you receive your digital badge, you’ll have the option to take an Assurance of Learning exam to earn 3 graduate credit hours that can be transferred to the online Cybersecurity Management Graduate Certificate, which is a 12 credit hour graduate certificate offered by Executive Degree Programs. The certificate can be applied to the MS in Cybersecurity Risk Management.

Global Cybersecurity Foundations: Cybersecurity 101 for managers and directors

Two Flexible Paths: This program will consist of 10 live synchronous sessions held weekly and will include both practical exercises and quizzes.

  • Digital Badge Only: Successful completion of this program will earn you the Global Cybersecurity Foundations Digital Badge. Program cost is $2,700.
  • For Credit Digital Badge: Successful completion of this program will earn you the digital badge and 3 graduate credits from the Kelley School of Business. Program cost is $3,000. These credits can be transferred to the Cybersecurity Management Graduate Certificate, which is a 12 credit graduate-level program.* Those 12 credits can then be transferred to the MS in Cybersecurity Risk Management degree. This stackable credential is ideal for students looking to ultimately complete a degree program within the Kelley School of Business, or for students whose tuition assistance programs require the courses to be credit-bearing for eligibility.

*Application to the graduate certificate still required. For more information on transferring credits, please contact edp@indiana.edu.

Estimated Time Commitment: 10 weeks, three to four hours per week

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Isn’t cybersecurity somebody else’s job?

Basic cybersecurity literacy is becoming increasingly vital to business executives and leaders across an array of industries, sectors, and nations. Cyber attackers, ranging from hactivists to organized crime networks and even nation states, are targeting vulnerable networks and are frequently successful in stealing funds as well as valuable intellectual property.

Congress, international organizations, and industry groups continue to call for cybersecurity best practices to better manage the multifaceted cyber threat facing the private sector. However, it is not always clear what those practices should be, or how to implement them in a dynamic, global regulatory environment.

The Global Cybersecurity Foundations digital badge program will enable you to answer these questions and more, equipping you with the tools you need to spot cyber threats and opportunities in an increasingly crowded and risky global marketplace. You will gain a thorough understanding of trends in cybersecurity litigation and federal cybersecurity policy, as well as how other cyber powers—in particular the US and Europe—are approaching common problems such as managing security and privacy concerns in the burgeoning Internet of Everything.

Learning objectives

After successfully completing this digital badge program, participants will:

  • Better understand the multifaceted cyber threat facing the private sector.
  • Be equipped with a toolbox of cybersecurity best practices designed to manage your cyber risk exposure.
  • Have a firm introduction to US cybersecurity law and policy including what the emerging cybersecurity standard of care means for your business.
  • Know the contours of important cybersecurity debates such as the appropriate role of government in safeguarding critical infrastructure, analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of cyber risk insurance, and what Internet governance has to do with the C-suite.
  • Situate US efforts at enhancing cybersecurity in a global context, and be aware of how other jurisdictions are regulating this space.
  • Further develop the confidence necessary to work well collaboratively on interdisciplinary cybersecurity solutions.

Global Cybersecurity Foundations Digital Badge Overview

The Kelley School of Business is nationally recognized for its innovative online programs. This program will consist of 10 live synchronous sessions over a 10-week period, and will include both practical exercises and quizzes. Successful completion of this program will earn you one digital badge. After completing the program, you may take the Assurance of Learning exam for an additional cost. If passed, this exam will allow you to earn IU credit toward the online Cybersecurity Management Certificate or MS in Cybersecurity Risk Management.

Outline of topics

Virtual session topics will include:

  1. Cybersecurity 101
  2. Cybersecurity Crisis Management
  3. Unpacking Internet Governance
  4. Cybersecurity Ethics
  5. Introduction to US Cybersecurity Law and Policy
  6. Hot Topics in Cybersecurity Litigation
  7. The View from the Hill: Trends in Federal Cybersecurity Risk Management
  8. Shields Up! Comparative Cybersecurity & Information Privacy Best Practices
  9. Law of Cyber War & Peace: Understanding International Cybersecurity Law and Policy
  10. Cybersecurity Trends & Opportunities (Blockchain, IoT, Making Democracy Harder to Hack, etc.)


Participants are expected to participate in live 60-minute synchronous session each week and complete the associated five-question quiz after each session. To earn the Global Cybersecurity Foundations digital badge, participants must complete at least eight of the 10 quizzes with a score of at least 80%. A maximum of two attempts per quiz will be allowed.

To earn IU credit for completing the series, a student must have participated in 80% of the sessions with average marks of at least 80% on the quizzes and pass the final exam. The exam will be comprised of 10 true/false questions, 10 multiple choice questions, and two short essay questions. As with the quizzes, a student must earn at least 80% on the exam to earn credit, and only one retake will be permitted. Payment will be required in advance of a student taking the final exam.


In addition to the live, synchronous sessions, supplemental content will be provided in the form of short, targeted weekly readings and supplemental readings and asynchronous discussion forums. When possible, we will record sessions at the Kelley School of Business in order to present material that requires special effects or multimedia.

Alternative ways to earn the badge will be made available upon request to accommodate, for example, professional and personal conflicts. These will include developing a cyber attack postmortem that investigates how an organization responded to a real-world data breach, and what they could have done better.

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