Affordable online programs designed for working professionals.

Finance Level 1: Learn the fundamentals of finance in this three-hour, self-paced online module from the Kelley School of Business. This course covers the foundational topics of finance, including time, risk, value maximization, cash-flow, and more.

Finance Level 2: Discover more advanced topics of finance, including bonds, value and valuation methods, WACC. You’ll gain insights from leading faculty at the Kelley School in this online, self-paced course that takes students about¬† three hours to complete.

These affordable courses introduce the fundamentals of finance to busy professionals of any level in any industry.

Online Courses in Finance

Format: 100% online courses consist of four modules each. The entire course takes about three hours to complete.

Affordable Pricing: Each course is just $50.

Discounts for Kelley Alumni: Graduates of the Kelley School can receive these courses free of charge. To get your access code, please provide your information and graduation details here:

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On-Demand Learning:

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Finance Course Learning Outcomes

After completing the Level 1 course, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the key notion of arbitrage
  • Compare tradeoffs of cash flow and risk
  • Identify the paradoxical aspects of profitability and survival
  • Ensure your financing strategy is supportive of your growth strategy

After completing the Level 2 course, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand investors’ expectations based on the term structure of interest rates
  • Use the discounted cash flow model to price stocks
  • Put together a financial model to make a business case for risky decisions
  • Apply a risk-return model for investments
  • Use WACC to understand the appropriate level of debt financing for different firms
  • Identify best practices and limitations of valuation methods

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