Gar Trusley is president of Gar Trusley & Associates, a consulting firm based in Columbus, Ohio. For over 34 years, Gar has either managed or conducted management development seminars in both the private and public sector. His hands-on approach to management has assisted over 4,000 audiences in applying real-world tools to on-the-job problems.

Gar has conducted seminars for all levels of management in areas including team building, delegation, motivation, performance management, sales skills, problem-solving, negotiations, interpersonal skills, and introductory skills for the newly appointed supervisor. His past and present clients include the Department of Defense, the Justice Department, the Social Security Administration, Federal Reserve Bank, General Motors, IBM, Ford Motor, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Centerior Energy, Texaco, and Celanese. In addition, Gar is an ad-hoc faculty member at the University of Dayton’s School of Business, Ohio State University’s School of Public Administration, and the University of Michigan’s prestigious Executive Development Program.

A participant in one of Gar’s program’s stated, “I’ve never ever attended a seminar (and I’ve attended my share) where the seminar leader had such a total understanding of my problems, better yet some realistic strategies for dealing with them when I return from the seminar.”