Influential leadership has its roots in inclusion. Where there is a diverse, collaborative team motivated by a sense of belonging, and where emotional intelligence and cultural awareness abound, there is inclusive leadership.

Inclusive leadership is the cornerstone of meaningful human relationships in the service of a common purpose. It is an intrapersonal and interpersonal journey that fosters self-exploration, growth, and an understanding of our cultural blind spots.

As our global economy connects businesses and individuals worldwide, issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion are more paramount than ever. Inclusive leadership is fundamental for making those connections.

Inclusive leadership is required in a complex business environment stretching across multiple cultures, histories, and assumptions. Inclusive leadership asks those who practice it to support and model the tenets of courage, commitment, and collaboration.

Join the Kelley School in that commitment to building a diverse equitable, and inclusive work environment.

Learn Inclusive Leadership at the Kelley School of Business

How do we define inclusive leadership? What are its signature traits? How can we apply the concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion to increase your value as a leader? The Inclusive Leadership Online Certificate program from the Kelley School is a comprehensive entry into inclusive leadership. Participants emerge understanding what inclusive leadership is and how to apply it in their specific context.

Launched in June 2021, the program guides students through a process of exploration, learning, and reflection. The program’s goal is to teach the skills, strategies, and methods of inclusive leadership. Participants learn how to employ these skills within their own context.

Launched in June 2021, the program guides students through a process of exploration, learning, and reflection. The program’s goal is to teach the skills, strategies, and methods of inclusive leadership. Participants learn how to employ these skills within their own context. Students will reinforce their intrapersonal and interpersonal skills throughout the course, building greater empathy and a more flexible leadership mindset.  

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, both up-and-coming and experienced leaders will:

  • Achieve a thorough understanding of what workforce diversity actually is.
  • Gain insight into how the quality of a leader’s inclusive/exclusive conduct impacts the self-confidence, sense of belonging, motivation, and job performance of those they lead.
  • Learn to recognize hidden biases. Apply this awareness to their actions in ways that diminish or eliminate those biases.
  • Leverage their knowledge, skills, and competencies for continued growth as inclusive leaders.
  • Readily identify specific strategies that increase inclusive leadership mastery and organizational efficacy.
  • Build the confidence to put into action the concepts of inclusive leadership within themselves, the teams they manage, and the organizations they lead.

Who is the Inclusive Leadership Online Certificate For?

Designed for new and seasoned leaders, the program is also relevant for anyone seeking to advance their professional competence in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The benefits of inclusive leadership are universal. The program is applicable across all sectors, industries, and organization sizes.

Expert Faculty

The Kelley School of Business is among the highest-ranked business schools in the country. Its innovative programs and expert faculty drive that reputation.

A team of six full-time Kelley School faculty members leads the certificate courses. Each brings a range of experience, insight, and knowledge to the program. Their varied perspectives help inform the challenges, processes, and benefits – both ethically and practically – of inclusive leadership.

  • Carolyn Goerner is the ALDI, Inc. Distinguished I-Core Clinical Professor at the Kelley School. Carolyn joined the faculty in 2000 after receiving her Ph.D. in management and human resources at The Ohio State University. She also holds undergraduate degrees in philosophy and religion and a master’s in speech communication.
  • Arthur Andrew Lopez, J.D. is the Clinical Professor of Business Law & Ethics at the Kelley School of Business. Arthur has over 23 years with the Federal government in Washington, D.C. His work as an attorney focuses on ethics, general personnel issues, EEO, and program oversight.
  • Ernest H. O’Boyle as an associate professor in the Department of Management, Ernest teaches MBA courses on organizational behavior, human resources, and high-performance organization. He holds the Dale M. Coleman Chair of Management.
  • Anjanette (Angie) Raymond, Ph.D., is an associate professor in the Department of Business Law and Ethics. Anjanette is also the director of the Program on Data Management and Information Governance at the Ostrom Workshop and adjunct associate professor of law at the Maurer School of Law at Indiana University.
  • Maqubè Reese is the assistant director for the Kelley School of Business Office of Diversity Initiatives. Maqubè holds a Master of Social Work degree from the IUPUI School of Social Work and a BS degree from Indiana University. She also provides anti-racist training for Kelley staff and students and oversees community involvement on local, state, and federal levels.
  • Charlotte Westerhaus-Renfrow, an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Management, Charlotte holds a law degree from the Maurer School of Law at Indiana University Bloomington. She also holds MEd and BS degrees from Ohio University.


The 12-week Inclusive Leadership Online Certificate program consists of four three-week classes starting the first of each month.

Each course requires three to four hours of work per week. Approximately half the time is a live synchronous session. The remaining time is reserved for reading, research, and personal interaction with instructors and fellow students.

The focused curriculum is intended to impart maximum career impact.


  • Diversity and You: Making the Business and Personal Case. Study the business case for diversity and inclusion. Examine the dimensions of diversity and the traits of an inclusive leader.
  • Interpersonal Strategies: Developing the Required Competencies. Establish one-on-one inclusion strategies. Interpersonal skill-building includes emotional intelligence, active listening, courage, humility, and curiosity. Gain cross-cultural competence and learn the importance of trust, fairness, and consistency in creating an inclusive mindset.
  • Leading Inclusive Teams: Leveraging Diversity for the Best Results. Move beyond interpersonal skill-building to developing an inclusive team. Learn how team members engage and how to spot patterns of disengagement. Examine principles of empowerment, collaboration, and accountability and the dynamics of leading high-performing inclusive teams. Explore the value of mentorships, sponsorship programs, and affinity groups.
  • Developing an Inclusive Organization: Applying the Learning for Impact. The capstone project is where the rubber meets the road. Choose a relevant project and apply the concepts, skills, knowledge, and insight learned to improve diversity and inclusion within your organization. Work one-on-one with a faculty coach as you plan and execute your project.

Inclusive leadership is an evolution. Learning continues even after the last day of class.

Flexible Pricing

The full program cost is $3200. The Kelley School offers a flexible pricing model with the following options:

  • 25% off for early registrants. Receive 25% off certificate and individual courses when you register and pay 30 days prior to class start. Use code EARLYBIRD at checkout.
  • 35% off for IU faculty, staff, and alumni
  • 50% off for Kelley School of Business alumni
  • Discounts for Kelley School of Business staff and faculty. Contact Trudi at

Is An Inclusive Leadership Certificate Worth It?

Practically speaking, the Inclusive Leadership Online Certificate is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow as a leader or advance your career. The Kelley School provides the tools, support, insight, experience, and expertise to begin or continue a journey on the path of inclusive leadership.

In the end, the value of the Inclusive Leadership Online Certificate program is reflected in the knowledge, values, cultural awareness, the self-reflective process of those who earn it. The result manifests in enhanced team cohesion, increased productivity, and better employee retention. Implementing the skills, insights, and knowledge learned in the program leads to a healthier, more just, and more effective organization.