The business world moves fast. Circumstances evolve, often shifting on a dime. Business professionals can thrive in such environments with a flexible mindset, the right skills, and the latest knowledge. Kelley School of Business Executive Education business certificate programs provides forward-leaning managers and executives the tools they need to adapt, learn, and grow in a volatile business landscape.  

Kelley certificate and other programs, designed specifically for working professionals, provide a focused, cost-effective means of updating and upgrading skills and expertise in an ever-changing business environment. With various discounts and options, paying for certificates programs is easy and affordable at the Kelley School.

Let’s look at the different professional business certifications available and payment plans on offer through Kelley Schools’ extensive catalog of executive education programs. 

Advance Your Career with Executive Education Certificates 

Motivated professionals know that their learning never stops. Opportunities accrue to those who prepare for them. Business certificate programs allow working professionals a focused, cost-effective path to career advancement and business excellence.   

From business essentials to cybersecurity, leadership through change, project management, and more, executive education certificates help close the skills gap in critical areas. 

Following is a sampling of the 14 certificate programs available at Kelley School:

In addition to its certificate programs, Kelley school provides four shorter self-paced, on-demand courses in finance, accounting, marketing, and organizational management and two in-person short courses for frontline and technical leaders. 

Invest in Your Future: Paying for Certificates is Easy and Affordable

Professional business certificates can be one of the best investments for career advancement and skill-building and many employers cover the cost of attending. Whether you are self-paid or employer-supported, Kelley School makes paying for certificate programs easy and affordable with many discounts and flexible payment programs. 


  • Early bird discounts 
    • Receive a 25% discount when you register 30 days before class starts.
  • Alumni discounts:
    • 35% discount for Indiana University faculty, staff, and alumni
    • 50% discount for Kelley School of Business alumni


  • Customizable payment options
    • Flexible payment arrangements 
      • Extended online payment option for noncredit programs
      • Individually Structured Payment plans
      • Bill Me before class starts option
      • Send Your Employer an invoice 

Make the Business Case to Your Employer

Rewarding employee initiative by investing in their business and leadership education and paying for certificate programs ensures the best and the brightest stick around. “Building employee loyalty is not a “soft” skill; it’s your business’s lifeblood,” writes Terry Stone in a LinkedIn article.

Presenting an organized, thoughtful plan is often all that’s needed for employers to cover the cost of a program. The Association for Talent Development (ATD) helps develop guidelines for making the business case to employers, encapsulated here in these three steps:

Step 1: Know the Costs

Present the total cost of participating in the program. If it is online, tuition is likely the only cost. For week-long in-residence programs, break down additional costs like housing and transportation. Kelley School provides most meals.

Step 2: Prove the Return on Investment

How will participating in a certificate program solve a problem, increase productivity, or enhance profit potential? Make it a win-win scenario when approaching your employer. Develop a plan on how you will apply what you learn on the job and share it with your boss. As we’ve mentioned, investing in its employees is one of the smartest investments a business can make. Prove it!

Step 3: Why You?

Show how your newly acquired skills and knowledge applies to you, your job, and the organization. Use your skills of persuasion to demonstrate why supporting your development is a good investment. Explain what the program you have chosen is the best one for you now.

Whether an employer or employee, the business case for investing in Kelley School of Business Executive Education programs is clear. The challenges all businesses face are met by motivated professionals who are ready to learn new skills, knowledge, tools, and perspectives. Learn to lead into the future with a business certificate from the Kelley School.