Morgan Galang always wanted to lead a team. From an early age, she focused on honing her organizational and project management skills. Morgan wanted a career where she could apply her talents and drive in a fast-paced, mission-driven professional setting.

Morgan studied international studies at Indiana University, which included a term at Sciences Po Aix in Paris. After graduating in 2017, Morgan worked as an Executive Assistant for the VP of Diagnostics Information Solutions at Roche, a global healthcare research company. While at Roche, Morgan accepted extra duties working with various department heads in the organization to “better support their teams and gain more experience,” she says.

One such project that demonstrated Morgan’s initiative involved creating an internal dashboard and form to track all sponsorship spending for medical conferences. “I supported and communicated with each team member who attended the conferences to supply them with the tools they needed to ensure all payments were completed timely,” Morgan explains.

After a successful stint at Roche, Morgan was ready to advance her career and find new opportunities. “I felt that with all of the skills I had accumulated, I was ready for an opportunity that was more challenging, faster-paced, and that pushed me,” she says. “I wanted to further my project management skills.”

From there, the logical choice for Morgan was to enroll in the online Project Management Certificate program at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. “I was already familiar with the Kelley School and felt comfortable taking a course with such a highly recognized institution,” she says.

Real-World Project Management Training

Already an accomplished, experienced professional, Morgan needed a flexible, efficient, and affordable platform to cultivate her skills. The Project Management Certificate, one of many Executive Education programs offered by the Kelley School, fit the bill.

“The course helped me understand the process and vocabulary of project management,” says Morgan. Particularly influential in her learning process was the instructors’ depth of real-world experience and their ability to communicate those insights.

“The professors had decades of combined experience and gave great examples and anecdotes of their work as project managers and consultants,” Morgan says. “They gave great lessons of how to be a successful project manager.”

Morgan Galang

A Career in Project Management

Morgan is proof of concept for what a combination of motivation and dedication to learning new skills can achieve. Her drive to create new opportunities and develop new competencies allowed her to realize her goal of career advancement in a challenging new position.

Shortly after earning her project management certificate, Morgan landed a new position as Project Coordinator for Resultant, a data analytics, technology, and digital transformation firm in Indianapolis.

“My role as a project coordinator is to support various projects with diverse scopes,” she says. “This role has already given me vast experience in supporting each team and the unique needs of each client. I truly believe the Project Manager Certificate Course helped me land my role as a Project Coordinator. This certificate has given me the confidence and skill set to become a Project Manager and to make my way to be an Engagement Manager. I hope to continue building relationships and trust with clients.”

A career in project management can lead skilled professionals to the center of the action across sectors and industries. Some examples of industries that depend on talented project managers include:

  • IT
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Software development

Project managers also freelance or work for consultancy firms. Salaries vary depending on the industry. According to Glassdoor, the average salary across sectors is $87,526. On the high side, PMs in the IT and technology sectors earn upwards of $136,000 annually.

Morgan stresses the breadth of opportunity for people who are “extremely organized, adaptive, and enjoy a highly motivated and fast-paced environment.”

Kelley School Online Project Management Certificate–Online or In-Residence

The Kelley School built its online Project Management Certificate for people like Morgan: organized, motivated, process-oriented, team leaders. Busy professionals can take advantage of flexible course formats online or in-residence–whatever works best for you.

The online program that Morgan attended consists of the following four courses:

  • The Origin and Role of Projects in Enterprise
  • Understanding the Project Manager Mindset
  • Predictive and Adaptive Methodologies
  • Real-World Project Management Survival Skills

Each course lasts three weeks with a one-week break between the end of one course and the start of the next.

The in-residence certificate is offered on the Bloomington, Indiana campus and includes 5 days of in-person learning and interaction.

Those who complete the course recognize the core principles of the modern project management approach. They understand how the projects integrate into the structure and strategy of an enterprise.

Graduates emerge competent in initiating, planning, executing, and closing a successful project. In addition, students are well versed in at least two Project Management Institute frameworks and Scrum, an industry-standard Agile framework.

The proof is in the pudding.

Morgan isn’t done yet. Far from it. Wherever her career takes her, she’ll have the talent, skills, work ethic, and mindset to lead the teams and projects under her charge to success.