We live in arguably the most exciting, fast-paced, and challenging business environment in history. Without skilled, insightful leadership, it is also one of the most cautionary. Leadership development is critical for meeting the challenges of a disruptive global marketplace.

The COVID-19 pandemic reveals firsthand how quickly and decisively change can sweep the globe. Adjusting to the realities of change demands competent, ethical, and clear-headed leadership.

For Paul Slaggert, Director of Open Enrollment for Executive Education at the Kelley School of Business, the pandemic provides a clear lesson on why leadership development is vital for organizations.

“The need to train and develop people for management and leadership roles is more important than ever,” he says. The vulnerabilities of a systemic leadership skills gap “intensified with the pandemic.”

Now is the time for professionals and businesses to invest in leadership training.

Developing Leadership for Business and Career Success

The most successful athletes and musicians don’t reach the heights of their potential on talent alone. What makes them great is striving to be better, honing their skills, and mastering their craft. The same is true of leaders.

The scope of a leader’s influence informs everything from day-to-day practical workplace and project management to world-class visionary change.

From improving the bottom line to creating a proactive strategy for an uncertain future, leadership development benefits every facet of an organization’s operation.

  • The bottom line: Competent leaders improve financial performance by creating value and putting their customers first. Satisfied customers open opportunities for new lines of revenue.
  • Attracting and retaining talent: Effective leaders understand that their value comes from nurturing those they lead. Attracting and retaining top talent is a hallmark of leadership development and the engine of effective organizations.
  • Strategy, culture, and execution: Competent leaders are empathetic, strategic thinkers. A holistic, visionary strategy drives an organization’s mission and creates an inclusive, productive, and supportive company culture.
  • Navigating change: Leading through change is perhaps the central characteristic of great leaders. Leadership development provides the competence, flexibility, and critical thinking required to guide organizations through disruptive change.

Leadership Development at the Kelley School of Business

The Kelley School of Business is laser-focused on leadership development. Executive education certificate programs range from business basics to specialized training in leadership and change, project management, women in leadership, inclusive leadership, and more.

The flexible online or in-residence programs allow working professionals an opportunity to develop their leadership skills, advance their careers, and increase their value.


What do you want to learn today? How can you upgrade and upskill? Motivated professionals can advance their careers, build new skills, and become better leaders through various impactful certificate programs at the Kelley School of Business.

Highlights of executive education certificate programs include:

Business Fundamentals

Effective leadership begins with fundamental business skills. The Business Essentials certificate covers business basics for up-and-coming managers.

This skill-building course covers management, business analytics, marketing, finance, operations, and supply chain. The Business Essentials program is offered online or in-residence.

Leadership and Change

Leadership responsibilities broaden as leaders advance in their careers. The Leadership and Change certificate addresses these larger leadership challenges.

The course begins with essential leadership skills and moves through modes of influence, leading change, team development and retention, and innovative design thinking principles. The Leadership and Change program is offered online or in-residence.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Take a deep dive in diversity and inclusion with the Inclusive Leadership Certificate and Digital Badge. The online program is for new and experienced leaders looking to understand the theory and gain skills in workforce diversity leadership.

The course makes the business and personal case for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Participants are guided through a self-reflective process helping to identify their strengths and weaknesses in inclusive leadership.

Lean Six Sigma and Project Management

Modern businesses operate at a project level. Mastering process and project management is an essential leadership skill.

The online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification prepares students for operations and process management leadership roles. The program provides professionals with the skills to execute Lean Six Sigma process improvement projects. The program also covers team leadership and project management principles.

Students completing the program with a score of at least 80% on the cumulative exam receive a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification through the Kelley School of Business.

The Project Management Certificate explores the Project Management Institute’s ten knowledge areas and five process groups.

Participants emerge from the certificate program with a complete understanding of complex project management. Instruction covers portfolio management, organizational structures, portfolio planning, and project alignment.

The curriculum also includes structured thinking, business and technology architecture, organizational change and risk management, and communications.

Flexible and Affordable

The Kelley School of Business offers a range of programs to meet a variety of development needs of today’s leaders and working professionals. The broad range of online and in-residence programs provides individuals and organizations with flexible options for achieving business goals and developing leadership skills.

In addition to its catalog of cutting-edge executive education programs, Kelley School offers several discounts and payment options:

  • Early bird discount: Receive a 25% discount when you register 30 days before class start.
  • Alumni and staff discount: All Kelley School of Business Alumni get 50% off any certificate programs. Indiana University faculty, staff, and alumni receive a 35% discount.

Payment options: Kelley School offers flexible payment options, including:

  • PayPal for noncredit programs
  • Individual Payment plans
  • Bill Me before class starts option
  • Send Your Employer an invoice

Closing the Leadership Development Gap

Investing in leadership training is how professionals and the organizations they lead thrive, survive, and flourish.

“What keeps me up at night,” says director Slaggert, “is that not enough organizations are making these crucial investments in their short and long-term success.”

Slaggert stresses the importance and opportunities for individuals and organizations in leadership development. “What keeps me optimistic is how we provide people with the ability to become better leaders.”